Football: A Complete Guide if you want to bet in it

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The football World Cup has begun in Russia and now all the teams are insisting on the second round of the tournament. The thermometer of the thrill of football fever is climbing up. Know some important football information. Every year many people gamble or betting in football as per sports news.

Before betting in football you have known everything about it. The football team has 11 players. 11-11 players from both teams try to save the goal on their goal post and penetrate the opposing team’s goal post. This game of 90 minutes consists of 2 halves of 45-45 minutes. 

The two half also have some 호두코믹스 extra time, which is taken into account by the players being injured during the match, the time to stop the game between the player’s substations or the time wasted in the match for any other reason.

Referee: The referee is the highest authority on the game and has every word rule. If the players are not satisfied with the referee’s decision, their action may be taken.

Assistant Referee: The assistant referee helps the referee of the match in his work. To show the flag when the ball exits the field, when the player is fouled or when the player has an offside position.

Game start and resume: The decision to start the game is through the toss, the captain who wins the toss decides whether his team wants to attack the goal post or kick the ball off. After each goal in the match, the ball starts playing again by placing it on the centerline. If a team runs, then the opposing team gets to kick off the ball. Similarly, even after half-time, the game starts twice from the centerline.

Striker: The main task is to hit the goal. 

Defenders: Especially prevents your opponents from scoring goals. 

Midfielders: Snatches the ball from the opponents and gives the ball to the players who play ahead of them. 

Manager or coach: Plays an important role in strategy making.

Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to play by holding the ball in his hand or arm, but he can do so only to the penalty area in front of his goal.

Penalty Corner: The area in front of each goal is known as the penalty area. This area can be identified from the circle line. It is up to 16.5 meters from the goal post. 

Penalty kick: Penalty is awarded as punishment if the goalkeeper’s position or defense team fouls. 

Time: The match is 90 minutes, with two parts of 45-45 minutes.

Kick-off: Game time begins with a kick-off. 

Penalty shootout: The game in league games may end withdraws, but in some knock-out games, if the game is tied for the stipulated time, that match can run for extra time. Penalty shootouts (called kicking from penalty points according to the rule) are used if there is a tie even after extra time. 

Throw-in: When the ball completely crosses the line, the opposing team gets a reward, which touches the ball for the last time.Goal kick: When the ball completely crosses the goal line, the score is without a goal and the defense team gets a reward for the last time the attacker touches the ball.

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