Why is football betting among young Nigerians a problem?

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In Nigeria, football betting has a long history as so do the history of betting and gambling.  Nigeria as a nation is a  beehive where the children are exposed to all the wrong things.

These things were a popular trend among the prominent people especially the adults. However, the careless parents also expose the children to these habits and due to which the children are also addicted to betting and gambling.

Nigeria is a country that is more prone to all the bad influences. Moreover, there are gangs and people who are challenging the Nigerian government’s rule as they want the freedom to do anything. This is putting a lot of pressure on the government to maintain the law and order when it comes to gambling.

Nigeria is also a country where sports football is very famous. Many people are training hard so that they can also join a professional team to play in the international league of champions.

A survey conducted had indicated that around 60 Million Nigerians from the age of 16-40 are the hunt of gambling and betting.  Just because they did not know about the illegality of these things while they were young.

The behaviour of Nigerians around betting?

The interviews and the observation recorded in Nigeria had told many things about the upbringing. There are parents in Nigeria who do not care about what their child is doing.

Due to this thing, the children are getting spoilt. They have no one will tell them about which thing is right for them and which thing is bad for them and can cause them to hurt.

Certain parents’ interviews 꽁머니 have also clearly mentioned that the Nigerians teenagers stealing habits. They have stolen money from their parents’ safe lockers and their wallets to bet and gamble to double their money.

The local police reports had indicated that there were around 10,000 arrests made in the last year.  These were inclusive of especially teenagers who were caught doing illegal betting and gambling.

The betting addiction

Nigerians are addicted to gambling which is not a good sign. As this has affected them mentally as well as physically.

The teenagers’ recent interaction have shown the reporters the betting addictions. There are around 1000 teenagers who were interviewed in 2 months.

The reports state that they steal and spend around 2000 African currency on betting. It has also been noted that someone stole about 3000 cash in African currency, so that they can double their money.

This tells that the Nigerian kids are stealing around $2 – $7 daily from their parents. So that they can gamble and bet on things that they want.

Football is a common game on which almost every country bets on. However, in Nigeria the craze of football has increased so much that they are ready to do anything to watch football as well as make a profit out of it.

The reporters have also been to the Islamic hearing around the local places. They urge the people to write a complaint to the Nigerian government. In order to ban gambling and betting to stop this nuisance at once.

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