Football Betting: Football Betting Terms for Beginner

Football is the most popular and most watched sport on TV. People are crazy about this sport.

No matter which part of the earth you are living in, you cannot avoid football. In almost every country, there is a football club and the football team.

With the rising popularity, people have started betting on football. Football betting has become a trend. Some gamblers make a fortune from merely betting on football games.

Football Betting:

Football betting means putting your money on a football team, player or an event. If you win the bet, you get the winning amount. If you lose the bet, you lose the money.

Football betting is not a recent trend. Football betting came into existence since the beginning of sports betting. People have been betting on football matches for a long time now.

There is excellent potential in betting on football. Because of this reason, many new players are entering the betting market. However, as a beginner, they have a lot to learn.

Football Betting Terms:

There are many complicated terms in football betting. These terms are enough to scare away a new bettor. However, once you get the hang of it, you can make a lot of money.


The accumulator is a lot like parlays. It is a series of bets. You have to win each bet to win the accumulator bet. The winning amount is significant, but the odds are dangerous.


It is the amount of money you put on a bet. If you win, you will get the money with profit. If you lose, you will lose the amount.


Handicap is used when one team has much higher chances of winning against another team. It works as an advantage towards the underdog team.


Banker means the closest prediction. 토토 There are many tips which are a banker. If the tip is going to be accurate, it is considered as a banker.

Half Time/ Full Time: 

The bet is divided into two parts. You can predict the half time and then make another prediction for the full-time bet.

Double Chance:

In the double chance, you 토토 get the double chance of winning. If the team you pick win the match, you win, but if the match draws, you still win.


It means Draw No Bet. So if the match is a draw, you will get the stake money back.


It is the total money you have available for betting. You can use this money for betting.

90 Minutes Betting:

Here, you can bet on a player to score a goal in the match. But if the player doesn’t appear in the match, the bet will be cancelled. 


In this bet, you make a prediction about a player who is going to make the first goal. You can also predict the total score.

24 Hour Rule: 

As per this rule, if the match is not played within 24 hours, you will get the money back.

Win cast:

Here you bet on the player for scoring goal. You also predict the winner of the match.

These are the football betting terms you need to learn as a beginner. It will help you to understand the basics of football betting.

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