How To Plan A Festival

What is a Festival? A festival is a special event normally celebrated by a group and centered around a characteristic feature of that group and its beliefs or cultures. It may be organized for religious, cultural, social, economic, historical, political, or aesthetic reasons. A festival is typically marked by a celebration, the presentation of a work of art, performance art, or other artistic work, and the reception by spectators. The word “fest” comes from the German word flok, which means celebration.

How to start a Festival? There are many festivals around the world; however, a citation needed for each would depend on what type of festival you are organizing and why you are celebrating it. A festival may be of a religious nature, a cultural, social, economic, historical, political, or aesthetic nature. In order to celebrate a festival properly, one should: Look for a festival in the area that interests you.

Choose a Festival of Interest to You. Look for a festival of general interest to your area. For instance, if you are into ethnic foods and architecture, there are many festivals in Germany and Eastern Europe during the summer months that interest you. If you love flowers and gardening, look into any upcoming flower and vegetable festivals.

Look up about each of the festivals you are interested in. Look into the description of each festival in a reference book. Generally, you will find the following descriptions for the main religious festivals in various areas: Harvest festivals, Fete festivals, Saints’ Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and New Year’s. However, if you are organizing a festival on your own, look up the definition of the word “fiesta” in Spanish, which often times translates as grand carnival.

Find a Festival of Similar Interest. Many cities have an Arts Festival, Film Festival, or Music Festival. Often times, these are great opportunities to host your own Festival. Simply go online and do a search for the name of the city you would like to organize your own festival. In a citation needed form, you can indicate why your festival is needed and desired.

Look up religious festivals in your area. These may be similar to your own religious festivals. Or, they may be completely different. In either case, the local officials should be able to help point you in the right direction.

Look up information about religious festivals in other countries. There are festivals for all major religions around the world. It might not be easy finding a citation needed for your own religious festivals, but they should be able to direct you to the proper authorities. For example, in China there is the Forbidden City, which is a place strictly off limits to non-Christians and Buddhists.

Look up the credentials of any individuals who may be hosting your own festival. Often times, these individuals will be knowledgeable enough about the nuances of hosting a festival to provide you with the necessary information you need. You can also ask your local officials what kind of permits, or licenses, they require for your festival.g

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